Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Power Tool for Dentistry

There are so many exciting and obvious benefits to cosmetic imaging, that it has become commonly accepted as a powerful tool in dentistry. Of course, how you incorporate cosmetic imaging into your practice will depend upon your own needs and practice philosophy. Cosmetic imaging is not just for "selling" cosmetic cases. It is a powerful diagnostic and treatment planning tool whose benefits should not be overlooked.

Professional image editing software: Many dentists have heard of PhotoShop and PhotoShop-like programs. These are image editing programs used by graphic artists. They have no dental related interface or link capability. Typically, these are incredibly sophisticated programs with capabilities far beyond dental-specific software. But with the proper knowledge of the tools they can easily and precisely accomplish all dental treatment simulations. Such programs, with a trained person at the controls, are especially well suited to creating realistic simulations.In fact, if desired, it's actually possible with just a click of the mouse to import each image created by these programs into the modern practice management system's image database. In any case, these programs can manage their own images with unbeatable ease.

Combining professional software and made for dentistry: But learning to use a professional imaging program can be a daunting task. Creating a meaningful smile library formatted to use for pasting into simulations can be incredibly time consuming. Software programs like Digital Dentist is simply a fast track training system designed to teach you how to use one of the most powerful image editing programs in the industry today, Paint Shop Pro. Digital Dentist combines the program with dental specific training and a library of ready-to-use smile designs.Our imaging module provides the software tools to perform simulations of intended aesthetic and restorative treatments. Cosmetic Imaging allows both the patient and dentist to visualize the appearance and functional benefits of proposed treatment recommendations from simulating a simple tooth whitening procedure to a full mouth rehabilitation.
Dr. Goma uses special cosmetic imaging software that allows him to show you, often in the same visit, what your smile will look like after a specific cosmetic procedure. Take advantage of Free Cosmetic Consultation and see how beautiful your smile can be!

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