Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dermal Fillers: Cosmetic Dental Procedure

More and more cosmetic dentists are now offering small scale cosmetic facial procedures as part of an overall smile makeover. After all, the mouth and facial tissue surrounds your smile and every beautiful picture needs an equally beautiful frame. Sagging facial tissue and wrinkles can now be combated by a range of dermal fillers including collagen and hyaluronic acid. These fillers firm and fill facial tissues providing a healthier and fuller appearance that enhances a beautiful smile.

Dermal fillers, like all cosmetic surgery, were once the sole preserve of the rich and famous but they are now increasingly affordable. This greater availability has removed some of the stigma attached to cosmetic enhancers and having a dermal filler injection is now no more unusual than having a haircut.

If applied by a trained professional dermal fillers carry little or no risk and because treatments are only temporary any risk of permanent damage due to bad treatment is reduced. Most of the common dermal fillers use compounds such as hyaluronic acid which already exist naturally in the body, further reducing the risk of a bad reaction to treatment. Hyaluronic acid is the substance in the skin that gives it a plump and healthy appearance.

Treatment are usually carried out under a local anaesthetic to make it more comfortable, and for those who don’t like needles this can be applied by using an anaesthetic cream applied half an hour before. The whole procedure should take little more than half an hour from start to finish and will involve no surgical cutting of skin or tissue. Results usually begin to show after a couple of days and can last up to four months before a top up treatment is required. Ask your dentist about dermal fillers and you could have a healthy and full looking frame for your smile.


garydrew01 said...

I heard that cosmetic dentistry already have cheaper and affordable services. The next time I go to my cosmetic dentist I'll ask for special discounts for dental implants.

Emily Kevin said...

More and more people are going for such kind of treatments to look younger and beautiful, as a woman i prefer natural beauty no matter how old you get.