Sunday, October 11, 2009

Straighten teeth with Invisalign

You have always wanted to straighten your crooked tooth but hate the thought of seeing your face in the mirror everyday with metal-wire braces protruding from your mouth. With Invisalign, you can achieve the straight teeth you have been dreaming for so long now.
Invisalign is known as invisible braces or aligners designed to straighten crooked teeth and close gaps between teeth. The technology eliminates the use of traditional metal-wire braces to correct crooked teeth or close gaps between teeth. These aligners are specially designed to fit your teeth comfortably. They work by moving your teeth in a position that will give you a perfect, natural smile.
The Invisalign system works this way:
• Your dentist will make you wear your Invisalign braces for at least 22 hours every day.
• You can remove your Invisalign aligners when you eat or brush your teeth.
• As you wear your Invisalign, the aligners will move your teeth slowly into a position that will make them look straight.
• It is advisable to change your braces at least every two weeks
• A regular check up with your dentist is highly recommended
• The treatment period is from six months to one year.
There are numerous benefits of wearing Invisalign aligners, including:
• Ease of use
• No irritating metal wires
• People will not notice you are in treatment because Invisalign aligners are transparent
Invisalign is a great invisible option to getting a confident smile.

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