Sunday, July 4, 2010

CEREC : Future Of Dentistry

A dental crown is a ceramic cap that is placed over the top of an existing damaged tooth to restore its cosmetic appearance and preserve its structural integrity. Teeth are commonly damaged from head traumas received as the result of sporting injury or other accident. Teeth can also be damaged by dental decay and the resulting treatment, which may need securing with a crown.

In the past, the manufacturing process involved in producing a dental crown was very lengthy and complex. A dentist would need to take several dental moulds and x-rays. These mould and x-rays would need casting and developing to give the dentist a platform to make the crown. This would then take place in a laboratory over several days or even weeks.

There is now a new technology that allows for design and production of dental crowns and veneers in a fraction of this time. The introduction of CEREC technology in recent years has seen the increased use of computer-aided technology to revolutionise this process and even modern dentistry as a whole. CEREC stands for CERamic REconstruction and is a cutting edge system using the latest in 3D imaging and digital x-rays. Using these tools the dentist can create an exact three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth on a computer. They can then use this image to design a crown, veneer or ceramic filling to microscopic degrees of accuracy. When satisfied they can then instruct the computer guided milling machine to sculpt the crown from a single piece of porcelain in as little as six minutes. In fact the whole process from imaging to installation can be accomplished in little over an hour.

This technology represents the future of dentistry. Waiting times, appointment times and treatment quality have all improved as a result of CEREC. The porcelain can even be chosen to most closely match the colour of the patients existing teeth such is the level of detail involved in the treatment.

Patients requiring dental crowns for damaged teeth or who are looking to improve previous dental work should make an appointment to see a dentist and ask about CEREC. The future of dentistry has arrived and is available to give you the best possible standards of dental care.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Visit The Dentist Every Six-Months

Unlike your GP, where you are only really need to visit when you are ill or concerned about your health, it is necessary to visit the dentists every six-months for a check up as routine procedure. This is because our teeth are constantly being attacked by plaque and bacteria in the mouth from food, which will ultimately cause damage to the teeth unless your teeth are clean and regularly checked by a dentist.

The key to keeping your teeth clean starts at home with effective dental hygiene. This will mostly be in the form of brushing and flossing, but may also involve using a tongue scraper and mouthwash, if recommended by your dentist. Brushing is vital to your dental health as it removes plaque from the surface of the teeth. If plaque is allowed to remain, it will release acids, which erode tooth enamel. This exposes the teeth to infection and ultimately tooth loss. Brushing is also very effective against gum disease, if you are brushing correctly and with an appropriate brush. Flossing removes plaque and bacteria from between the teeth, areas that are hard to reach with conventional brushing.

However, even the most rigorous home hygiene routine can not always prevent the onset of tooth and gum disease. Everyone’s teeth are different and some are more prone to enamel erosion and infection than others. It is also very hard to tell if you are reaching all the necessary areas of your mouth when you are cleaning solely at home. Your dentist will be able to highlight any problem areas and treat any signs of decay or disease that may already be occurring. They are also able to check for the signs of other unpleasant conditions such as oral cancer.

Having a check up every six months will significantly reduce your chances of having problems with your teeth.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Orthodontic Treatment With Clearstep

You may have already heard of the Clearstep System for straightening teeth but you may not know exactly what it is. In its simplest form, Clearstep is a new way of straightening teeth to achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted without having to sacrifice your appearance with ugly metal braces.

The system works by using a number of different invisible methods used at the same time as clear positioners. These clear positioners are used to straighten out any alignment issues with the teeth such as crooked, overlapping or unevenly spaced teeth. However, these positioners are effective but cannot solve all the alignment issues on their own. Clearstep realised that a more complete range of invisible orthodontics was needed and designed their revolutionary system.

The Clearstep retainers are very thin, high grade plastic that are virtually unnoticeable in the mouth. This is a major advantage when compared to the unseemly nature of fixed metal braces, especially for younger patients or young professionals keen to finally have the perfect smile. They are also removable which gives them a significant advantage over other braces. This has benefits for cleaning and for patients wishing to remove the braces for certain occasions.

It is also possible to use Clearstep braces with a whitening gel which means the teeth are being simultaneously straightened and whitened in something akin to a complete smile makeover. Because the Clearstep retainers are made of plastic and designed to fit the individual patients teeth, there is little or no irritation of the gums that can be common with more rigid forms of orthodontic treatment.

The cost of Clearstep treatment will vary form dentist to dentist .This is slightly cheaper than other invisible orthodontic devices such as Invisalign and about the same as traditional fixed metal braces.Even though you may have had dental alignments during your childhood or teen years, your teeth may need still occasional adjusting later on in life. Fortunately, you will not have to choose between misalignments and wearing braces again. Today, you can enjoy regaining a perfect smile with Clear Step Orthodontics. In addition, if you have children that need similar alignments, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will not be suffering with all of the issues that come with wearing braces.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beautiful Teeth With Veneers

There are many afflictions that can affect the appearance of the teeth. They can suffer from discoloration or staining, become damaged by a physical trauma resulting in chipped or cracked teeth or even become worn due to a natural weakness of enamel. All of these conditions and many others can adversely affect the way the teeth look causing self-confidence and emotional issues, not to mention a great deal of embarrassment.

However, there are many treatments in the world of cosmetic dentistry that allow dentists to treat and improve the way the teeth look. One of the most successful of these is to use porcelain veneers. These are thin ceramic shells that cover the surface of the tooth, restoring not just the color but also the size and shape of more attractive teeth.

Porcelain veneers are constructed for each individual’s teeth, often using the very latest dental technology. Modern veneers are so thin, often about the same width as a contact lens, which means they require little if any enamel removal prior to fixing them in the mouth. This had always been the slight drawback of veneers, that they involved the removal of otherwise healthy enamel but this is no longer the case.

Porcelain veneers are capable of producing some of the most emphatic and stunning results in cosmetic dentistry, completely changing the appearance of the teeth in as little as one afternoon. For patients suffering from conditions affecting their teeth, having a new set of veneers fitted could be the most significant decision they make for their emotional well-being. A good set of porcelain veneers will last up to twenty years of properly maintained, meaning you can enjoy healthy and attractive looking teeth for the best part of two decades.For more information how veneers can transform your life call us at 177-6450704.