Monday, October 26, 2009

Smile Designing For Bright New Smile

Smile design is a cosmetic philosophy encompassing a ‘Whole Smile’ approach to improving your appearance. Originally developed in the States, the Cosmetic Dentist works in partnership with the Patient and the Master-Ceramist.

At the first Smile Design appointment a number of important factors about you and your smile are gathered together including

* your wishes and expectations
* models of your teeth
* photographs
* x-rays

This information is analysed between the ceramist at the lab and your cosmetic dentist . The ceramist will then produce an accurate wax mock-up of how your teeth will look at the end of treatment.

At the 2nd appointment we will show you the model of how your teeth could look and effect any changes to the design that you might wish for. We also prepare the teeth at this appointment and fit temporary veneers matching the wax-designed teeth. The temporary teeth are worn for a week so that you can assess what you do and don’t like about your new smile.

When you return to the clinic with your temporary teeth in place in third appointment we consult with you on any changes that should be made to the temporaries, effect those changes to your satisfaction, choose the new colour and make an accurate record of your new smile for the ceramist to use as a guide when making your permanent ceramic smile design veneers.

In last appointment the complete new smile is delivered to the clinic and your cosmetic dentist will then bond the multiple veneers into place….new smile complete, time to dazzle your friends and family!

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