Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dentrix G4 practice management system

Dentrix Mobile offers a remote access tool that allows dentists to view their appointment schedules and patient information from their smartphones and mobile devices.

This new feature of the Dentrix G4 practice management system provides dentists who are away from their practices secure access to the schedules of all practice providers and patients, as well as important patient details such as prescriptions and medical alerts. Dentrix Mobile runs on the latest smartphones and mobile devices, including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre, and Android. Dentrix Mobile is available to Dentrix G4 users on a current Dentrix Customer Service Plan at no additional cost.

With more than 45,000 installations and 20 years of experience, Henry Schein Practice Solutions group is one of the market leaders in providing practice management technology to dentists and dental labs. Thousands of dental practices have discovered their technology which improves efficiencies, increases productivity, and enhances their professional image. Included in their product offerings is DENTRIX, an industry leading practice management software. DENTRIX provides features that accelerate return on investment, streamline front office operations, and offers comprehensive clinical applications.

Dentrix Mobile offers dentists a secure way to view schedule and patient information needed to manage their practice while they are out of the office.Another use of Dentrix Mobile is to verify patient information when dentists receive emergency, after-hours calls for prescriptions. With Dentrix Mobile, dentists can enter the caller’s name and verify the patient contact information and prescriptions within seconds.

Dentrix Mobile’s security protection involves password-protected access to the information stored on secure Dentrix Web servers managed by Henry Schein Practice Solutions. Dentists use their smartphone or mobile device to access the server in the same way they use a Web browser to conduct their online banking or purchasing.

Since no patient information is stored on the mobile device itself, dentists do not have to worry about anyone accessing their confidential information if they ever lose their device.Any data viewed with Dentrix Mobile is erased the second the mobile Web browser is closed – similar to online banking."


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