Tuesday, August 31, 2010

E4D - Same Day Dentistry

A comprehensive scanning, designing and milling system for chairside use. E4D Dentist can scan both soft tissue and tooth structure, pre-operative situations, preparations, and all bite registration materials without the need for a contrast agent or opaqueing medium such as powder or sprays. When used with impressions, the system even inverts the image to create a virtual model. After scanning, the DentaLogic™ software creates a model and the design process can begin. Autogenesis provides you with an optimized restoration design using information from the opposing dentition (bite) or preoperative condition, wax up or scans of the provisional restorations (E4D Clone™). A full suite of design tools provides unlimited control of every aspect of design.

The approved design is sent wirelessly to the E4D mill which takes just minutes to fabricate a high strength ceramic or composite restoration (IPS Empress, IPS e.max CAD, Paradigm C, Paradigm MZ100). Simplified processes of polishing or staining and glazing provide the ultimate in restorative and esthetic care.

E4D Dentist a comprehensive solution and Dentistry's Destination & perfect companion for remote design capabilities..E4D Dentist consists of E4D Dentist Cart and scanner, E4D Mill, job server and network router. And much more!


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