Friday, January 1, 2010

Porcelain Veneers Can Transform Your Smile

Porcelain veneers are one of the most realistic and elegant of all the cosmetic dentistry treatments.Veneers are incredibly thin tooth-shaped caps that are cemented over existing teeth to disguise dental repair work and defects such as discolouration. Veneers can be used individually or as part of a complete renovation of the dental arch.

The discolouration of teeth can be due to a number of factors. It could be the result of a hereditary condition or medication for another disease. Some patient’s teeth are discoloured by lifestyle factors such as smoking or drinking coffee or red wine. However, by far the most common cause for discolouration is age. Stained enamel cannot be cleaned so the options are bleaching or veneers. Many people find teeth whitening procedures ineffective but a set of porcelain veneers will almost certainly produce a stunning effect. A row of dental veneers will also be suitable to restore the appearance of worn or unevenly spaced teeth.

Teeth that become damaged either as the result of dental trauma or tooth decay can also be repaired using porcelain veneers. Chipped, cracked or broken teeth can be very painful and also destroy the structural integrity of the tooth. Once repaired it may be necessary to cap the tooth with a veneer for structural support and to protect the tooth form further damage.

Modern veneers are incredibly thin with some of the latest being the same width as a contact lens. Because they are so thin it is now unnecessary for dentists to remove tooth enamel prior to application. This also means that veneers are now removable without causing further damage to the existing teeth.

The manufacture of porcelain veneers has been dramatically affected by the introduction of new technology. In the past, porcelain veneers needed to be measured using a system of dental moulds and x-rays. These were time-consuming processes, as was the laboratory conditions needed for their manufacture. Today, by using the latest in 3D imaging and digital x-rays, a dentist can use a computer to design and manufacture a porcelain veneer in as little as six minutes. This has significantly reduced treatment times and discomfort for patients.

It is now possible for dentist to design, manufacture and fit a whole dental arc of porcelain veneers in an afternoon. You could have a completely new and youthful set of teeth in just one day. The confidence that comes from a new set of shiny veneers cannot be underestimated and can make a big difference to your life. Veneers are incredibly lifelike and almost impossible to tell apart from real teeth and can have a healthy effect on your own self-confidence.Ask your dentist about the latest in porcelain veneer technology.

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