Thursday, January 7, 2010

DURAthins - No-Drill Veneers

Are you dreaming about a new smile? Do you want teeth that are brighter, larger or more youthful, but hate the thought of removing healthy enamel in order to do it? If so, DURAthin veneers may be the answer you’ve been waiting for. Durathins are an even more incredible, precise and beautiful version of the “LUMINEER” style restoration.

They are very thin porcelain veneers designed to adhere directly to the front of the teeth without removing any enamel! This means that for some people, we can design the smile of their dreams without even drilling on their natural teeth. And there’s more good news… if you ever wanted to have the DURAthins removed, your natural smile would still be in tact! For more information on DURAthins, visit their website.

Perfecting your smile with veneers can involve needles, drilling, and shaving down the tooth’s enamel before making the cosmetic enhancement. Now, with DURAthin veneers, a leading brand of no-prep veneers, you can have the smile of your dreams, skip the tooth enamel reduction stage, and retain your natural tooth structure.

Because they are so thin, about the width of two pieces of paper, your custom DURAthin veneers can be bonded directly to your tooth’s surface. We will design a shape that won’t appear unnatural or bulky and choose a shade that complements your facial features and blends with surrounding teeth. DURAthins transform teeth to produce a beautiful, lasting smile in about two visits.

DURAthin veneers dramatically change the appearance of those with:

* a narrow smile
* small teeth
* worn teeth
* stained teeth
* chipped teeth
* slight misalignments
* misshapen teeth
* and/or gaps between teeth.

A smile makeover with DURAthins will last for years, but a dentist can remove your veneers at any time because the underlying tooth structure remains original. People with traditional veneers don’t have that option.

Reserve an appointment time with us; bring your questions and expectations for a dramatically improved appearance, and we’ll get started on your spectacular smile with DURAthins.Porcelain veneer technology has come a long way. They are now one of the preferred, by dentists and patients alike, of the cosmetic dental procedures. They can have an enormous impact on the appearance of teeth in such a short space of time. Ask a your dentist about DURAthins.

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