Saturday, December 26, 2009

Types Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are probably one of the main contributors of cosmetic dentistry to the world. A dental implant is essentially an artificial replacement that resembles a tooth or a group of teeth. Some of the reasons that lead to tooth loss are dental caries, root canal failure, tooth decay, periodontitis, injury, congenital defects or excessive wear and tear. Dental implants are the best and most effective choice to replace lost teeth.

Outwardly, the three types of implants available look all the same and may even be made from different materials, including plate form, subperiosteal, and root form.

* Plate Form Dental Implants
When your jawbone is too narrow, a plate form is the most effective method to use. The metal portion that sits beneath the gum line is long and flat. This allows the new tooth to sit along beside the jaw line. To install this, dentists cut down and expose an area of the jawbone after administering anesthetic. The implant sits into place and the gums are carefully secured into place. Some are attached to restore your smile instantly while other requires some time to heal in order for the metal to fuse onto the bone. The amount of space opened up will depend on how extensive the work is.

* Subperiosteal Methods
When there is very little bone to hold the material, a specially made subperiosteal style form is the best choice. In all, there are two different ways dentist can install this style. A single surgery method requires a CAT scan and a special computer program to process the corresponding data to create a 3D model of your jawbone. Then, dental surgery is performed to expose the jawbone and lay in the plates.
With a dual surgery procedure, the gums are opened up and a special impression is made of the remaining bone. The form is then sent to a lab to form the plate. In the second surgery, the bone is exposed and the plate is laid into place.

* Root Form Styles
These are shaped similar to your original teeth with a tooth like shape on the top and a screw like form that attaches it to the bone. These are best for good bone structures that are wide and deep. Dentists will open the jawbone, set the implant into place, and close the gums. It will then require three to six months of healing for the bone to grow around the metal. Otherwise, the pressure placed on your tooth through normal activities will cause the post to dislodge. Once it is completely healed, the oral care professional then needs to attach the tooth portion to the metal rod-like structure. This is done by using an extension under the tooth portion to connect it to the post.

This procedure has one of the highest success rates in dentistry, but all are not eligible to get a dental implant done. Consult a Shimla dentist who will take your history and examine your teeth and gums to consider you for this restorative procedure.


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