Friday, December 25, 2009

Painless Wisdom tooth removal

Usually developing in the mid-twenties wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that, if aligned correctly, can be a valuable asset to your existing teeth. However, very often do not align themselves correctly and can cause complications to the other teeth.

Even though your wisdom teeth may not have erupted, they can cause all kinds of problems. For example, if they start to erupt, and then stop, the gum tissue around them can be easily irritated. This is especially important to consider if there is a small flap of gum covering the tooth. As may be expected, irritation can often lead to infection. Wisdom teeth can also cause all kinds of jaw pain, as well as throw your other teeth out of alignment.This can be the cause of oral infection and other oral hygiene difficulties. Also by allowing bacteria into the bloodstream it can increase the risk of heart disease. Wisdom teeth can also impede successful brushing and flossing.

In general, most people will not need to go to an oral surgeon to have wisdom teeth removed. That said, if you have other conditions that need to be considered, your dentist may feel that you need the extra skills offered by an oral surgeon. Fortunately, even if you do have to go to an oral surgeon, you will still be able to have the procedure done in an office setting, as opposed to in a hospital.When visiting a dentist they will take regular x-rays to assess the development and alignment of any wisdom teeth that may be coming through. If they have any concerns they will refer you to an oral surgeon who will be able to carry out any further action if needed.

Many people today forget about wisdom teeth until they start causing problems. For example, you may not even think about them until you have swollen gums, or notice that there is a bitter taste in your mouth. By this time, the wisdom tooth and the surrounding gum are probably infected. Once that happens, you will need to go on antibiotics, as well as have the tooth removed.Some removals may require more extensive surgery than others or can be painful sometimes but removal will prevent a lifetime of further complications.For more information & free consultation please call us at 177-645-0704.

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