Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aesthetic Laser Dentistry

With the aesthetic zone being absolutely critical to a patient’s external appearance and inner emotions, orchestrating a bioesthetic result is mandatory. Too often, this is complicated when aesthetic desires infringe on the health of the periodontal complex. This is often true when biologic width violations have occurred iatrogenically. Many factors may contribute to these failures, the two main culprits being intracrevicular margin location and over contoured restorations. Not only is plaque accumulation problematic, but the supracrestal fibers also become interrupted, causing the tissues to become further inflamed and aesthetically unmanageable. Dental lasers have evolved considerably as an adjunctive and alternative treatment to safely, conservatively, and reliably decrease bacterial levels and improve the hard and soft tissue contours.From a patient-friendly standpoint, less need for suturing and shorter healing times improves case acceptance for doing ideal dentistry. In selected cases, such as the one presented in this article, minimally invasive laser procedures, with precise restorative planning and technique, can satisfy aesthetic and functional parameters. Furthermore, patients can enjoy optimal results more comfortably and efficiently.The use of a hard/soft tissue laser is a wonderful adjunctive tool for cosmetic and restorative dentistry. The studies demonstrate that this type of laser technology gives dentists the ability to make significant soft and hard tissue changes while being minimally invasive. These changes not only improve the final aesthetic outcome of the case but also provide the physiologic functional parameters required for successful dentistry.

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