Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inman Aligners : New Ortho Appliances

The Inman Aligner is a fantastic, simple and hassle-free way of straightening your front teeth. It is the orthodontic treatment of choice for adult relapse.This is a relatively new orthodontic appliance and offers a faster solution to correcting tooth alignment problems. It is more effective at correcting problems with front teeth and is hybrid between the Invisalign invisible braces system and traditional metal braces.

The Inman aligner is not as “invisible” as invisalign but has many of the advantages that the invsialign system has over traditional braces in that it is removable so that is doesn’t disturb your eating and oral hygiene. In additional all movements are achieved with a single aligner so there is no need to change your aligners every week.
A faster solution
The Inman aligner can also achieve rapid orthodontics with some treatments being possible in as little as 6 weeks!
A cheaper solution
The Inman aligner is also considerably cheaper than treatment with fixed orthodontics and the Invisalign system.

If you require orthodontic treatment and are looking formore information on the Inman aligner then contact Goma dental Clinic or give us a call on 177 645 0704 for a FREE consultation.

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