Thursday, April 29, 2010

Relation Between Smoking And Gum Diseases

Smoking is mostly associated with lung cancer and breathing related problems says a dentist from Shimla, but there is also a strong link between smoking and gum disease. Tobacco is a natural plant, but it doesn’t burn naturally and there are many chemicals added to it to make it burn with consistency. This factor, the natural chemical make up of the plant and the other problems it causes in the body, all add to the contribution that smoking and also chewing tobacco make towards gum disease. One thing that is known about smoking is that it poisons the blood flow, our gums need a good flow of blood to get Oxygen and vitamins so that they can do their job properly. The lack of these substances is a major cause of gum disease, and that usually goes hand in hand with the fact that smokers are in general, poor in oral hygiene care.

Lots and lots of opinions have come out regarding the connection of smoking and gum disease. The nicotine and smoke of tobacco can cause constriction of the blood vessels, thus, reducing the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the gum tissue.Cigarette smoking or chewing spit tobacco can also reduce the ability of the body to fight infections. Another study also proves that smokers are more prone to specific bacteria that can cause more aggressive gum disease.

When it comes to dental health, smoking is one of the major causes of serious oral problems such as mouth cancer as well as smokers gum disease. Smokers gum disease is the infection of the gums, which is aggravated by smoking. While gum disease will affect almost everyone at some point in life, smokers are over five times at risk of acquiring gum disease or periodontal disease than non-smokers.

Smoking causes a very high tendency of tartar formation, gum tissue destruction and bone loss. Even a person not suffering from gum disease can have receding gums and lose the teeth’s supporting bones because of smoking.The toxins and chemical in tobacco weakens a person’s immune system and blocks the production of antibodies, which is our body’s natural defense against bacteria and other disease-causing agents. When the immune system is not functioning well, it is easy for infection to grow. Smokers gum disease, an infection caused by bacteria in plaque, is a likely example.

The current smokers that average more than one to one and a half pack of cigarettes per day have six times more apt to have gum diseases than the subjects who do not smoke. And those who consume less than a pack a day have three times more probability to have gum disease.

Quit Smoking Is The Only Way To Prevent

The best way to prevent or reverse smokers gum disease is to quit smoking. While gum health depends greatly on a person’s dental hygiene and routine dental checkups, prevention and effective treatment of gum disease should include a smoke-free lifestyle.

Quitting smoking is important to allow the body to respond completely any dental treatment and restore the health of your gums. Smoking is an addiction and quitting is a challenge but one that is well worth the benefits.


Sammie said...

Really this is true, when it comes to dental problem; smoking is one of the major causes of serious oral problems like gum disease. Everyone face the gum problems or bad breath has developed over a long period of time Early Gum Disease Treatmentis very important, the goals of treatment are to prevent gum disease from permanently damaging tissues, control infection, and prevent tooth loss.

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Dental health is very important always maintain your teeth to be safe from root canal treatment.

john said...

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Dennis said...

I have been smoking since Junior High, and I've tried to quit smoking after college. I was unsuccessful since then, that resulted to some gum problems and tooth discoloration. I consulted a dentist (Germantown-based) to help me out. He did certain exams and dental procedures to restore my tooth color. In the end, he told me that the only permanent solution to my problem is to quit smoking. I just hope I can!

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Stephen M said...

Smoking and gum disease both are related to each other because when you start smoking you invite the gum disease with it which damage your tooth structure and cause gum cancer which might be killing you.

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