Friday, June 14, 2013

The Fun Of Straightening Your Teeth With Affordable Dentistry Abroad

Straightening of Tooth
Teeth may be crooked right from the time they started appearing in the oral cavity or may have become so with age due to various environmental and internal factors. Crooked teeth are not only bad aesthetically but also have a far reaching effect on the health of the oral cavity on the whole and may even be responsible for setting in dental cavities. The reason behind crooked teeth aggravating dental cavities is that crooked teeth have spaces between them which become a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes that rest and feed on the food material stuck over there. You need not live with crooked teeth for the whole of your life as modern dentistry provides quite a few tools and techniques that will make sure that you teeth attain the right shape and symmetry.

You must have noticed kids and teen with metal wires on their teeth. These metal wires are there to get in shape the teeth have been misaligned and the metal wires are known as fixed orthodontic braces. These are the most basic forms of braces used by dentists worldwide. The dental braces don’t just rest over there since they exert a bit of pressure on the teeth so that they come into the right symmetry. Apart from that these braces need to be tightened by the dentist as and when the need arises to do so. The concept of medical tourism has been quite beneficial in reducing the cost of the dental braces especially in UK and US.

Severe orthodontics is quite costly but option of cheap dentistry abroad one can get the best treatment to improve the ambience and condition of one's teeth. There are few individuals who are quite conscious about their appearance and the mere idea of having dental braces on their teeth will not be acceptable to them since they are visible the moment one opens his or her mouth. For such individuals lingual braces come as a great technique to get their teeth back into shape. Lingual braces are fitted to the inside of the teeth and are not visible while talking or smiling. But there is a small level of discomfort attached to it till the time the individual gets used to these Lingual braces.

Invisalign is becoming quite a popular technique to get crooked teeth back into shape and are available at various dental tourism locations all across the world. Invisaligns have become so popular due to their inconspicuous nature. Another advantage that these Invisaligns have is that they can be removed from the teeth which give the individual a freedom to brush and clean his teeth and then put them back. Invisaligns need to be replaced every two weeks to get optimum results in terms of putting the teeth back into the desired position.

There are people who don’t really want their teeth to be straight in reality but want better aesthetics for their mouth. This is possible for people who don’t have severely crooked teeth in their oral cavity. Porcelain veneers is the answer for people who don’t want to undergo the pain and discomfort of braces in their mouth. Porcelain veneers are also called as false orthodontics as they are just fixed into the mouth to give the teeth a proper aligned look. They can be easily removed from the mouth at any time.

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